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Price:  $110

Cytherean Overdrive


The meat of this pedal is based on the Tube Screamer, albeit stripped of its input and output buffers and the ridiculously complicated flip-flop switching section (this is the case with a vast majority of the boutique OD's on the market).  The Cytherean features asymmetrical clipping, and double the amount of potential gain that you'd find on the TS.  However, after the 1st gain and tone stack stages, this pedal features a 2nd gain & clipping stage based on the MXR Distortion+/DOD OD250 (same schematic).

Key Features:

Gain:  Twice as much available gain as you'll find on a TS.  Keep it at its lowest for a dirty boost, crank it for full on distortion sound.

Tone Stack:  The classic mid-hump tone circuit guitarists crave to help cut through the mix.  Brightest at full-on.

Threshold:  The defining feature of this pedal.  While the TS part of the circuit features an asymmetrical silicon clipping diode, the 2nd stage features hard clipping.  Use this knob to blend between germanium and hi-bright purple LED (yes the color matters) diodes.  Thinnest and most distorted at its lowest setting, increase for more bass response, openness, snarl, and warmth.

True Bypass Switching

Takes Standard 9v, Center Negative Power Supply