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Price:  $175

Europa Reverb


This no frills (well, okay, one frill) reverb is based upon the genius Belton Brick units, some sort digital logarithmic little cube that sounds like pure bliss (and costs like it too, so don't get snippy with me about the price of this pedal).  Meant to replicate the sound of the spring tank on your amp, the Belton Brick supersedes that by leaps and bounds.  The Europa uses the longest decay length model of the Belton Brick, which in addition to lovely reverb has a slight modulation and slap-back sound to it.  It also features precision controlled self-oscillation via the 2nd footswitch.

Key Features:

Tone Stack:  Simple high-cut circuit.  Turn it up to dampen down your tone.  Leave it turned all the way down for the brightest and iciest sound.

Feedback Loop:  Momentary footswitch to quickly cut off runaway self-oscillation, this allows you to use this feature in an actual rhythmic, musical fashion.

Swell:  Controls the "ramp" into self-oscillation.  At its lowest the ramp is nonexistent, and depressing the "Feedback" switch will instantly cascade into madness.  At full-on it acts more as a dwell than a swell, similar to a sustain pedal on a piano.

True Bypass Switching

Takes Standard 9v, Center Negative Power Supply