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Price:  $150

Malibu Dream Pedal


For all your slap-backin', spring-tankin', frequency-fluttering needs, the Malibu Dream Pedal is an ethereal, amorphous mix filler.  Capable of delivering metallic reverb, tape decaying delay, and lush chorus sounds, this pedal is driven by a digital delay chip, but can easily replicate famous analog tones.

Key Features:

Repeats:  In addition to controlling the amount of delay repeats, this knob can be used while the delay is turned off for a metallic spring-tank reverb type sound.

Time:  Controls the delay time.  Leave it turned down for none at all, inch it up for slap-back, crank it for long delays that decay in quality.

Intensity:  When left down, there is no modulation and the unit can function as a regular old delay/reverb (but where's the fun in that?)  Full-on causes the deepest modulation.

Speed:  Controls the rate of the chorus.  Keep it low to keep it slow.  Combine the quickest chorus speed with a slower delay to get a tape-decay sounding flutter on your repeats.

True Bypass Switching

Takes Standard 9v, Center Negative Power Supply