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Price:  $150

Mars:  The Bringer of Fuzz


A behemoth of a pedal, Mars:  The Bringer of Fuzz can provide you with supreme fuzz heaviness, open snarly overdrive, 8-bit glitchiness, and droning oscillation all in one box.  Based on the sought after Russian Big Muffs (Version 7C Green/Version 8 Black for you snoots out there), this pedal tweaks those designs by featuring higher gain transistors, adjusted bias for crunchier clipping, optional diode bypass, a more precise tone stack, and an optional feedback loop.

Key Features:

2-band Tone Stack:  Rather than the much loved/hated scooped mids, this tone stack allows you to fine tune a bit more, while staying true to the classic Muff sound.

Diode Bypass:  Marked "I" and "II" on the pedal, these switches allow you to color the sound of your fuzz.  4 voicing choices in all, go from familiar muff style to harsher crunchier clipping.

Feedback Loop:  This 2nd footswitch, when engaged, allows you to use the tone stack and sustain controls, plus the diode switches, to tune the feedback to a drony oscillator or to a bizarre glitch sound that latches up and arpeggiates down depending on which notes you're playing.

True Bypass Switching

Takes Standard 9v, Center Negative Power Supply