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Price:  $150

Seaorg Chorus


This digital chorus provides you with a plethora of options for lush underwatery sounds.  There are no frills when it comes to the knobs, just familiar "speed" and "intensity" controls.  However, the 2 toggle switches offer more wave shaping options.  The LFO is similar to that of the Boss CE-2, though not entirely the same.  The Seaorg has both a triangle wave and a sharp square wave, and the 2nd toggle switch determines where in the wave the modulation occurs.  The 2nd foot switch controls the optional "resonance" mode, giving springy reverb that throbs and heaves along with the LFO.

Key Features:

Waveform Switch:  Switches between both triangle and square wave settings.  The triangle wave is indeed a true triangle (not a sawtooth), and ramps both up and down.  The square wave is a sharp detuning, kind of like riding a pitch shifter.

Flip Switch:  Controls whether the modulation occurs at the crest or trough of the wave.  More subtle on the triangle wave use it to add some more depth to your sound.  On the square wave, switch between either sharp detuning, or springing back up to the "dry" pitch.

Resonance Switch:  Adds reverb into the mix that can sound both slapback-like and cavernous at the same time.  Coupled with the LFO, it sounds quite pulsating. Depending on your playing, it can come close to self-oscillation.

True Bypass Switching

Takes Standard 9v, Center Negative Power Supply